Fairmined Gold

I am a certified Fairmined Gold jeweler because Fairmined gold is making a positive impact on our environment, and it's changing communities, and saving lives in developing countries.

Artisanal miners, who mine this precious metal  are able to be paid fairly for their mining efforts. Those who meet environmental and safety and labour standards for their mining practices are now able to promote themselves under the Fairmined label.  

I am a certified Fairmined Jeweler because I believe in the impact that it is making in our world.  This is a successful intuitive that is saving the lives of children, stopping the birth defects caused by mercury, improving the lives of communities and our environment.  I pay a premium for  Fairmined gold, but you don't.  I charge the same for Fairmined as if it were standard gold. If you love gold then you are going to love Fairmined Gold.